"64 Mechanics"  up-cycled cotton, plain weave, applique, painted, printed  56" x 25" 
 "Inward Unfurling" cotton, dye, paste resist, starched to be like a piece of paper, 36" x 60" 
"97 Horseshoe Bend" cotton, linen, silk, dye, textile ink, dyed, printed, painted, paste resist, 62" x 28" 

My textile work begins as recycled white or light colored cotton, linen, silk and antique fabrics. I am a collector and a firm believer in recycling. The staircases, hallways, doorways and loading docks that I sketch from my life become the muse for the narrative spaces in my work. They become metaphors for expressing various journeys, transitions, and thresh-holds within my life's journey. Seasonal landscapes, the textures and colors found in the natural world, especially the intense vibrant colors of flowers serve as the inspiration for my colorful palette.

I enjoy spending time mixing colors, this allows me to fine tune the value and relationship of each color in a piece. The work can take many forms, sometimes the fabrics are pieced into a quilt top or woven into a rag rug "canvas" to be painted with thickened dyes. Other pieces are created out of hand dyed cloth that is layered with a wide variety of surface design techniques. In both cases I enjoy layering dyes and textiles inks to build up layers of vibrant color and pattern. The construction of the pieces can include a combination of hand and machine sewing, collage, embroidery, and hand and machine quilting. The physical layering of the surface design processes and stitching reinforce the visual and tactile sense of space.

The colorful architectural textile pieces pictured here, as well as a number of others, are still available. Contact me for more info.

My work is still rooted in textiles and a textile sensibility. A textile sensibility informs the surfaces of my clay, how I construct, stitch to mend and create work regardless of the materials I am currently using, be it, paper, clay, wire, or gut.